Driving lessons will continue strictly under BC's phase 2 Covid-19 regulations. To prepare for our reopening we have prepared a list of protocols to follow in order to ensure safety for our students and instructors.  

Safety Protocols:

  • Masks must be worn by the instructor and student. Students should bring their own mask. 

  • Instructor and student must wash their hands with sanitizer (alcohol gel sanitizer) at the beginning of the driving lesson or during if necessary. Wearing gloves is highly recommended. 

  • Only the student will be allowed in the car during lesson. There will be no third person (parents, friends, etc.) at this time during lessons.

  • All control surfaces, door handles, steering wheel, arm rests, control levers, etc. will be disinfected and wiped between each lesson. 

  • Prior and during the driving lesson, if there is any sign of symptoms shown by the student or the instructor, the lesson will not proceed.

  • Sanitizing products will be equipped in each car. (spry, masks, alcohol gel and wipes) 

  • Prior to each driving lesson there will be a Pre-lesson questionnaire which will be assessed by the instructor. This form will be filed for records.

Pre-Lesson Safety Questionnaire:

  1. Do you have a mask to wear during the driving lesson? 

  2. Have you attended any large group functions more than 50 persons? 

  3. Have you had any of the following symptoms within the last two weeks: fever, fatigue, dry cough, altered taste, altered smell, trouble breathing, productive cough (mucous in cough), or muscle pain? 

  4.  ​Do you have a fever? 

  5.  Do you agree that the instructor is authorized to end the lesson if questions about your health condition arise during this time? 

  6. Have you been in close contact with anyone who may have contracted COVID-19? 

  7. Have you traveled outside Canada within the last 14 days?

  8. You understand that when you participate in the driving lesson today, you will be within less than the two meters social distancing recommendation?

  9. The Instructor will now ask the student to confirm the following statement "I confirm that I have answered every question in this questionnaire truthfully. I confirm that there is no reason keeping me from participating in a driving lesson today, and I understand that if I choose so I may cancel and reschedule this driving lesson.".