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Skills We Cover in Our Lessons

Not all of the following skills are practiced within a session or package. The amount of skills that we teach throughout a course is subject to the student's prior experience in driving. If a student has zero experience in driving, most of the following skills will be practiced in our nine hour package.


  • Pulling over and pulling into the traffic.

  • Exterior /Interior Pre –checks 

  • Mirrors& Blind Spots

  • Pedals Control

  • Smooth Steering Control

  • Right Turns

  • Left Turns (protected/unprotected)

  • Intersections

  • Roundabouts

  • Correct Lane Tracking

  • Changing lanes

  • Lane choice

  • Emergency Braking-ABS/Non-ABS

  • Pedestrian/ Cyclists

  • Stop signs: 2 or more way

  • Traffic signals & pedestrian crossings

  • Controlled/uncontrolled intersections

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Non - verbal communication

  • School/ park zones

  • Parallel Parking-Stall Parking

  • Hill Parking

  • Curves

  • Safety in the Car

  • Safe driving speeds-Smooth speed control

  • Two point Turn

  • Three point Turn

  • Highway merging and exiting

  • Work zones

  • HOV lanes

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